Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bye Bye Brother Cream!

My first encounter with Brother Cream in June 2014
Sad to see Brother Cream and his owner's convenience store in Tsim Sha Tsui East to go due to rising rents.

I managed to see the chubby British shorthair cat a few times in the last two years or so, and yesterday, the last day of the shop's operation, a number of fans came by to say goodbye.

However Brother Cream didn't seem to care about all the fuss, with so many visitors and media around that he lounged around napping for most of the day.

His owner sold Brother Cream merchandise as well as books
The demise of the shop is also a sign of the times, as the owner, Bee Ko Chee-shing said that even if he moved to another location, business would be difficult because fewer people are buying magazines and newspapers.

He tried to capitalize on the fame of the cat by producing two books, Brother Cream in East TST, and Cream Chicken Soup, along with public appearances and even an advertising contract with department store Wing On, and a statue of him at Times Square for Chinese New Year.

However these were not enough to keep the money rolling in, though Ko admits if it wasn't for those gigs, he would have closed shop two years ago.

Brother Cream shot to fame in 2012 when he was allegedly stolen and fans posted notices of him around the area. The media picked it up and the cat made front page news. He was apparently returned about 20 days later and by then had garnered lots of fans and even a Facebook page.

He even made a special appearance for Chinese New Year
In the meantime Ko will give Brother Cream a break and hopefully fans will be able to see the fluffy feline somewhere again soon.

Thanks Brother Cream, for hanging around. You brightened up many people's day, just for being you.

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