Thursday, 19 May 2016

Waiting for One Man

Zhang Dejiang (top right) waves goodbye before embarking the plane
I'm so glad Zhang Dejiang has left Hong Kong.

Let me tell you my commute to work today.

My company shuttle has to make several stops on Hong Kong Island before going to the New Territories, and this includes Sheung Wan, Central and Wan Chai.

Everything was fine in Sheung Wan, but when we got to the start of the ferry pier where the ferries go to the outlying islands, the one road was a parking lot.

The Central ferry pier was a parking lot for over an hour
We were at a complete standstill, or inched along. We were stuck on this short stretch of road, a few hundred metres -- for over an hour.


Because Zhang, the third-highest ranking official in China, chairman of the National People's Congress, was on his way from his hotel, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to Tseung Kwan O, and so Connaught Road Central, Gloucester Road and Kwung Tong bypass were closed.

And he had a motorcade 45 vehicles long. And detailed security who even carried stun grenades, smoke grenades, firearms and even briefcases with machine guns in them.

All for one man.

We first hit the jam at 9.17am and didn't leave the Star Ferry pier area until 10.30am. Needless to say we were super late for work and fuming.

Traffic was jammed in Wan Chai where Zhang was staying
In China, this is normal -- blocking traffic for officials, closing airspace for them to fly.

But for Hong Kong, this was too much.

While Zhang claims there is no campaign to mainlandize Hong Kong, what he did during this trip certainly was proof that actions speak louder than words.

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  1. where's the anti-personel, anti-tank and shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles?

    all that firepower just to protect one CCP village idiot where one could just emigrate him from a long distance away with just one good shot..

    I begin to see the Cultural Revolution is making a comeback in China and HK...