Sunday, 10 December 2017

Alternative Swimming

The stands in the pool make you feel like you're a competitive swimmer!
Last night I went to the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool looking forward to doing a few laps when a woman at the door explained the pool was closed.

There was a note that said "an unidentified object" was found in the pool in the afternoon and they had to disinfect it so it was closed until further notice.

I asked if the pool would be open tomorrow and she said it would.

So I came back this morning just before lunchtime and there was a large line of families waiting to get in. This time a man told me the pool was still closed and I asked what time it would open and he said for sure in the afternoon.

Located in Sai Ying Pun, the pool here is only indoors
He suggested if I wanted to swim I should go to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool. Sounded like a good idea. I hadn't been to the pool in Sai Ying Pun for a long time, but worried there would be an overflow of people from Kennedy Town.

However, when I got there, I was surprised to see there wasn't just one, but two swimming lanes. It didn't say which one was the fast or slow lane, but I seemed to pick the right one as the men -- yes the men! were slow enough that I passed them when I reached the other side or they stopped for a break so that I could pass them.

That and also the fact that I only had 40 minutes to finish my target of 30 laps motivated me to keep going, which also helped train my endurance in the 50-metre pool. In the end I managed to get 32 laps done before a lifeguard instructed me to get out of the pool for the 12pm break.

What unidentified object was found in the Kennedy Town pool? Or maybe it's best I don't know...

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