Friday, 22 December 2017

Picture of the Day: Christmas Feast with Chinese Characteristics

Roasted soy sauce chicken in a jenga nest made of sugar cane sticks
Last night my parents' friends invited us to have dinner at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, well known in the city for its high quality Chinese cuisine.

However with Christmas fast approaching, we were the second round of diners, though it took some time for the first batch to finally vacate the table we were scheduled to eat at.

Stir-fried fresh lobsters were very meaty
We finally got started after 8pm, and our patience was well rewarded with some fantastic dishes.

There was roast soy sauce chicken with the meat roughly extracted from the bone in a pile that was surrounded by sugar cane sticks. It's been a while since I chewed on sugar cane, though these were just a touch sweet, but I didn't see much correlation between them and the chicken.

We also had fake shark's fin soup, mostly in terms of flavour because my bowl just had broth and cabbage in it. Another good one was fresh lobsters stir-fried with lots of meat, and a braised duck dish that had slices of very tender duck combined with a variety of mushrooms.

Geoduck was a nostalgic (and expensive) treat!
But perhaps the most memorable dish was the geoduck. Not one, but two were thinly sliced and blanched in boiling water before being seasoned with beansprouts and golden chives with some light soy sauce.

I hadn't eat geoduck like this for years! When we were much younger, over 30 years ago, they were 99 cents a pound! Now it goes for around CAD$50 a pound! How things change over time!

Afterwards our host who is an accomplished baker made a beautiful raspberry tart with a hint of orange liqueur... so good!

Gorgeous raspberry tart with a firm but flaky crust
Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
108-777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604 876 8388

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