Sunday, 3 December 2017

E-Prix Racing Whiz Kid

This 13-year-old was on top of the leder board for the simulator race
The Formula-E race was on this weekend in Hong Kong, but it hasn't garnered much attention since its arrogant debut last year. At the time massive barriers were put up in every possible free vantage point so that onlookers didn't even have a chance to get a peek at all.

Oh yes and tickets prices weren't cheap either. This year, apparently thousands of tickets were given away but not many people showed up, though organizers claim 27,000 out of the maximum 30,000 capacity did attend.

Nevertheless, there was more interest in the E-Village where a 13-year-old Hong Kong kid was beating real drivers in a race simulator.

Wong has hopes of becoming a professional driver
Kobe Wong was leaving his competitors, DS Virgin Racing driver Alex Lynn, Andretti driver Kamui Kobayashi of Japan, and Daniel Abt of Audi, trailing in his proverbial electric dust in the five-lap race.

"That was really fun," Wong said after taking over Lynn to win the race. Lynn had been leading for much of the race when the teenager made a sly move to overtake him just before the finish line.

This is the second year Wong has made it into the top of the Hong Kong E-prix fans simulator. He finished 10th in last year's official E-Race and now he was crowned the champion driver.

"It's phenomenal," said an official. "He was doing it consistently quit. There's no way he could have practiced fully for this because it's not available for the public [outside events], so he's just got talent -- natural talent. He just jumped in and won the fastest lap. He's a prodigy."

Wong got to hang out with his idols for photos and he has dreams of following Lynn, Koboyashi and Abt by becoming a professional driver one day.

If the 13-year-old is just as good on the track as he is on the simulator, a local kid may be on the professional racing circuit very soon.

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