Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Don't Visit Beijing in 2018

Fodors is advising people not to visit the Great Wall of China...
US travel guide Fodors has a list of warnings of where people should not go in 2018.

When it comes to China, don't go to the Great Wall. Fodors says the deterioration of swathes of the structure as the reason to stay away, and the same goes for the Forbidden City because of the horrible pollution levels in Beijing.

... or the Forbidden City because of Beijing's pollution
And unless you're a seasoned climber, don't risk your life (six people died there this year) or money (US$25,000 to US$45,000) going up Mount Everest.

Some of the other places the guide suggests not visiting are:

The Galapagos Islands because of the fragile ecosystem that is impacted by tourists;

The Taj Mahal's dome is being cleaned for the first time in 369 years and probably won't be ready until 2019;

Myanmar should be avoided because of its ethnic cleansing of the ethnic Rohingya;

Don't take unnecessary risks climbing up Mount Everest
And avoid Honduras as it's one of the most deadliest places on earth because of its murder rate.

There are places that don't want tourists -- they are Venice and Amsterdam where there is a backlash against visitors. Fodors suggests staying away from these cities too.

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