Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Civic Square to Reopen -- With Strings Attached

Police surround student activists in Civic Square; other protesters outside
More than four years later, Civic Square at the Hong Kong government headquarters in Admiralty will reopen on Thursday -- but with conditions.

While it will reopen to vehicles as a drop-off point, demonstrators will only be allowed in the space if they have permits for Sundays and public holidays.

This area was the flash point in late September 2014 when young people stormed the square (which is actually round), and led to the Occupy Movement days later. It had been cordoned off since July the same year when people protested against national education.

Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow say reopening is "fake"
For student activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung, this re-opening is "fake".

"Civic Square symbolizes the basic right of citizens to demonstrate in front of the government headquarters," Wong said. "The final goal [of reopening the square] must be to restore it back to its former condition, where citizens are free to gather and demonstrate."

The possibility of reopening Civic Square was an election promise by Chief Executive Carrie Cheng Yuet-ngor, though the conditions of reopening the area seem limited at best.

"It's not a real or true reopening," said Agnes Chow-ting of Demosisto party. "It's just a political show."

How ironic Civic Square isn't open to the public
We agree. Either open Civic Square completely or keep it closed.

And the latter would continue the irony of the area's name. It was supposed to be for the people -- and us taxpayers have funded it -- and yet we're not allowed in it.

This is hardly an olive branch in good faith, Mrs Lam.

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  1. Technically the Square is NOT open since using it requiring 'permits' and the HK Gov't controls who gets the permits..

    This just shows how HK really works, like those Aerial Gardens were for the public when the land is tendered and now closed off other than paid functions.

    HK is now in a dictatorship, and its dictator called Xi JinPing.

    To Those who live in HK, enjoy your gilded cage.
    To those who work for CCP mouthpieces (SCMP), how can you in good conscience work for these people and call yourself a Christian?