Saturday, 16 April 2011

Banking Gripe

Banks in Hong Kong are really annoying me these days.

One of the biggest banks in the city (its name is four letters) likes to rip off its customers with service charges on just about everything. Recently I had to ask for a reference letter to another bank (long story) and how much did it cost? HK$300 ($38.59) for what is basically a form letter.

This big financial institution also claims its internet banking is very secure -- and that's because it makes you order a silly black oval gadget where you press the button and a different number combination comes up so that you can do internet banking. How is this safer than a password?

Then there is another regional bank (its name has three letters) where I just started banking with and wanted to deposit a cheque today, a Saturday.

I get to the counter and the teller says they don't accept cheques on Saturdays.

Excuse me?

So if the bank doesn't accept cheques on Saturdays then what are they doing from 9am to 1pm? She wasn't busy anyway -- what's the big deal about processing a cheque?

She told me to write down the account number, if it was for the savings or current account and my phone number and then drop it off in a box near the bank entrance.

I was anxious about doing this, but as I don't have time to do banking during the week this was my only option.

It's times like these when I miss banking in China seven days a week. You may have to wait for service, but you can even get banking done on a Sunday.

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  1. i am surprised that the banking practice is so backward in hong kong. even in laid back vancouver it is not as bad.