Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Twist on the Egg-Waffle Man

My support for the egg-waffle man is waning after he admitted that he does accept welfare AND his three children and wife are living with him in Hong Kong.

It did seem crazy that he claimed to make HK$6,000 ($772.48) a month and then gave HK$4,000 to his family in the mainland and he just subsisted on HK$2,000. He also doesn't live in a little tin shack either.

Now things are getting complicated.

After Ng Yuk-fai's admission, he is now being investigated by the Social Welfare Department and the police are looking into the case too.

Someone who knows Ng says he started receiving HK$3,000 in welfare a month about 10 years ago. His children and wife came five years ago, and while the children are eligible for money from the government, his wife isn't because she has not been in Hong Kong for seven years.

The department didn't say how much the family was living on per month, but government regulations say a parent and three children could get more than HK$10,000 a month including a rent allowance.

There are still people who strongly support the "old egg-waffle man" despite this latest twist in the story saying the government should give him a hawker license. But what about this double dipping of having a job AND collecting welfare?

While the authorities seemed to be particularly harsh on Ng arresting him so many times, he was naive to think he could get away with telling such a dramatic story and not be found out.

It just shows some things are never as they seem...

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