Friday, 22 April 2011

Picture of the Day: Extra Protection

Hong Kong cops keeping the city's streets safe... sort of...

Today is Good Friday, a public holiday in Hong Kong.

Most people were asleep or out of town but I was one of the lucky few who had to go to work.

This morning as the bus passed through Wan Chai, there were seven police motorcycles parked in front of a police van or paddy wagon. On the back of it was a big neon yellow sign that read "Random Breath Test" and three cops standing there, one or two with clipboards. The rest were stationed a few metres away, standing around, chatting amongst themselves.

What is the point of a breathalyzer test at 9:30 in the morning?

Shouldn't they be out in force over six hours earlier at 3am when there's a higher chance of people in a drunken stupor?

It seemed like overkill having seven cops there plus a police wagon at 9:30am and not even conducting random tests that I could see.

Good to know the streets of Hong Kong are extra safe with these cops around...


  1. only stupid cops will do breath test in the morning i wish them luck.

  2. They do the same on occasion in NZ now. Keep the drink driving crew on patrol till morning as there are some people who drive in the AM but still hung over from the previous night's festivities. Can take 8hrs to sober up - if you only finish partying at 4am for example and head out at 9am (for another get-together) you could still cause an accident or death :/