Saturday, 23 April 2011

Picture of the Day: Too Hot to Handle?

Bits of chicken stir-fried with dried chillis and peanuts...

Can you take the heat?

Last night two friends and I went back to that Little Chilli restaurant in between Fortress Hill and North Point to have our fill of Sichuan cuisine. We managed to get a small table in the corner just in time before a horde of people began a line outside the restaurant.

One of the friends who took me to this restaurant before is an adventurous foodie and was eager to try some new dishes.

He looked around the room and on the table next to us was a giant platter covered in dried chillis. He asked the two women sitting there what it was and they said chicken. He looked at the two of us and we were horrified by the redness of the plate, but seeing how he was so keen to try the dish, we ordered it.

We also asked for shredded potato stir-fried with dried chillis and Sichuan peppercorns that we had last time, and then we had some panfried dumplings, cucumber in chilli oil and chillis, Nappa cabbage cooked in a broth with roasted garlic and preserved eggs, and stewed lamb with carrots. Oh yes we also had beer -- lots of it.

When the giant plate arrived, it was generously coated in dried chillis. You had to poke around the mound to find the bits of stirfried chicken and even then they were small bits attached to bones so they weren't very satisfying to eat, though not too spicy. Peanuts were also in the dish.

I only ate a few pieces and gave up, but my friend who wanted to try the dish kept eating and eating... until practically all the chicken was gone save for the chillis.

In the end he didn't enjoy the dish that much, but was pleased to have tried it.

Afterwards we wandered towards the MTR station with a stop at Eski Mo's Frozen Yogurt -- "Have you had your MIGHTY MO today??" the tagline asks.

The plain frozen yogurt topped with blueberries and strawberries helped balance out the spiciness we had earlier. Yum.

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