Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hardly a Class Act

There's a curious story that flared up late last week -- a 19-year-old kung fu starlet by the name of Rose Chan Ka-woon claimed two older actors, one married, had sexually assaulted her after a magazine published photos of them men touching and kissing her in a restaurant in Hengdian, Zhejiang province.

Benny Chan Ho-man and Joe Ma Tak-chung were there with Rose Chan for the filming of Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters directed by Wong Jing. She filed a complaint with Hong Kong police and publicly complained.

The reactions of the two men in question was interesting. Ma issued a statement saying he had not molested her and might take legal action against the magazine for its "untruthful reporting". But he said he was sorry for "the unhappy event that happened in Hengdian".

However, Benny Chan, 42, was remorseful and held a press conference with his heavily pregnant wife Jiang Lisha on Thursday.

He was tearful and said, "I feel remorseful because I have disappointed those who supported me, especially my wife, who is sitting beside me, and the baby who is coming into the world soon," he said in a speech in Kwun Tong restaurant.

Jiang added she had forgiven her husband and hoped the public would give him a chance as well as "Rose, the little girl".

Chan held his wife's hand and said he had "too much alcohol and did something rude to Rose".

"I admit it was really wrong. I had no intention to hurt Rose but I understand it really embarrassed and upset her."

He apologized to the starlet, her family and friends, saying his "unintentional mistake" had hurt their feelings.

The tears continued when Chan apologized to Jiang.

He added he would learn to become a responsible husband and would quit drinking. "I will see a doctor. If he thinks I need therapy, I will accept it because I really want to get rid of alcohol."

While Chan and Jiang's public pronouncements seemed earnest, he made the fatal mistake of leaving a piece of paper behind revealing that his statements were carefully scripted, even instructing him at three points when to "stand up and bow".

So was Chan really remorseful or he was acting?

It'll be interesting to see if more actresses come out and speak about instances where they have had to deal with unwanted sexual advances and if this is pervasive in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. If Rose Chan's allegations are true, this 19 year old is courageous in standing up to say no.

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  1. just one big show to attract media attention. what kind of moral standard? just a little horsing around no big deal.