Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mainland Gripes

The other day at lunchtime some colleagues were moaning about mainlanders invading Hong Kong.

They mostly complained about them pushing their way to get onto the MTR or subway, and not understanding the concept of queuing.

Two recalled instances where mainlanders didn't know they had to queue to get a taxi. One reported that at the Taipo KCR exit there's a taxi line and instead of waiting in line, two young women kept trying to flag down a green taxi before it went to the taxi line, but of course were unsuccessful. And yet they still couldn't understand why a taxi wouldn't stop for them.

Another talked about how a woman went to the front of the queue and got into a taxi but not before someone stopped her and told her to get back in line. Only then did she sheepishly apologize saying she didn't know about the queue.

A while ago a friend to me she was in a high-end designer brand store and wanted to look at a small bag, like a coin purse or cosmetics bag, but the saleswoman was too busy to look after her, as she was serving a young woman from China. However, when my friend finally got a chance to have a closer look at the item, the Chinese customer saw it and immediately asked, "Can I have 10 of those?"

Perhaps what takes the cake is one coworker recalling taking the KCR train recently and the seat next to him was empty. When it stopped at one of the stations, as soon asthe doors opened, an elderly woman of about 70 years of age threw her bag and it landed on the seat next to him and soon after a young child scrambled to that "saved" seat.

I told him the next time that happens to him to throw the bag back at them and see what their reaction is!

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  1. This post explains a lot about the behavior of Chinese in the United States too!