Thursday, 10 November 2011

iPhone Frenzy

This morning on my way to work I saw a long time of people standing along the footbridge in between the ferry terminal and IFC Mall in Central.

Then it dawned on me these people were lining up for the the release of the iPhone 4S which comes out tomorrow.

Last night the police cleared hundreds of fans queuing outside the mall. News reports say about 500 people formed a line on the footbridge and police said they were blocking a public area.

A woman in the queue even fainted and had to be taken to hospital.

There are reports in the Chinese press that the Apple store will limit each buyer to five phones and resellers could already make HK$2,000 per phone.

Perhaps tomorrow will see an even bigger line...

If a number of people call in sick tomorrow, you'll know why.

1 comment:

  1. i don't understand those who queue up for the new play things, just one or two days earlier just does not make a dent in the long term. they must have too much time on their hands.