Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yao Hits the Books

Yao towers over his professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
After officially retiring over three months ago due to injuries, basketball star Yao Ming is now back in school.

He was mobbed by photographers and students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the start of classes.

"On the first day of class, the teachers were quite easy on me, and didn't set any assignments or homework," he said at the end of the first day. He added he would be facing a steep learning curve as it had been a decade since the last time he was in a classroom.

"The moment I sat down today I just wanted class to begin," he said.

Yao will be studying an economics-related major and taking classes in history, English, math and journalism.

The 2.3-metre-tall athlete had to squeeze in behind desks and had to bend over to write on the white board, prompting other students to joke that he would have no problem cheating in exams.

It's interesting to see Yao go back to school -- other former athletes may have wanted to take the easier route of trying to cash in on their fame as much as possible. But he probably realizes having seen his predecessors lose their star lustre and because of their lack of education have no skills or knowledge to get a job, that he needs to hit the books.

Good for him -- though hopefully the excitement of him being on campus will die down so that everyone can concentrate on their studies.

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  1. a very good move indeed. ancient chinese saying: "there is a gilded house in the books, there is precious jade in the books". to enriched oneself with education will endow betterment of the mind is what every professional athlete needs. look at some of the sad examples like some big name boxers it is particularly evident.