Monday, 28 November 2011

Retail Competition Heats Up

Gap's first flagship store in Hong Kong has just opened in Central
Hard to believe, but Hong Kong has never had a Gap store until now.

Yesterday Gap's first flagship store here opened in a new building that has been under construction for years in the former Queens Theatre on Queen's Road Central.

My friend and I wandered over there after lunch and popped inside to check it out.

It was packed with curious shoppers like us and eager ones wanting to buy up some American basics.

The store is 15,000 square feet covering four floors, but since the space is quite tight, there is an elevator to go up and down and an escalator that goes down to the basement. It features men's women's children's and baby Gap clothes.

The shop's opening yesterday attracted a lot of attention
Overall the casual clothes looked pretty trendy and the prices were not too expensive, though it seemed a bit excessive for almost HK$500 ($64) for a pair of jeans.

Very thin (read practically transparent) T-shirts were around the HK$120 ($15.40) range and I'd rather go elsewhere for better quality T-shirts.

It'll be interesting to see how Gap does in the Hong Kong market, with Esprit across the street, H&M further down and Abercrombie & Fitch just around the corner. Gap will also be competing with Japanese retailer Uniqlo that offers good quality and value for basics such as jeans and casual tops that are designed with the petite body in mind.

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  1. with so many clothing stores in hong kong, is there any space left for more?