Sunday, 14 April 2013

Picture of the Day: Street Food

Egg waffles at a street stall where we at the batch on the far right. Yum...
When I first lived in Hong Kong in the mid-90s there was the odd portable food stall in Central or along the Mid-Levels escalator selling snacks like stinky tofu, egg waffles and puddings.

However the Hong Kong government started shooing them away in the name of hygiene and they have completely disappeared from Central.

But today we took a tram to North Point to check out what was going on there and one of our first stops was to this street stall selling egg waffles.

Eating this snack brings back childhood memories to my older relatives, the smell, look, taste and even the yellow parchment paper bag haven't changed.

I used to love eating these egg waffles too, but then health consciousness kicked in and I have not eaten these in years.

They still do taste the same, though a bit on the sweet side. They're definitely comfort food, good to the last bubble.


  1. Glad you enjoyed egg waffles in North Point -- but from the photo, I'm thinking you didn't go to THE North Point egg waffle stall!

    Re portable food stalls in Central: there's one selling "pudding cakes" near Lan Kwai Fong occasionally. And it's not the same but Central also does have some nice dai pai dongs still!

  2. Oh! Where is THE North Point egg waffle stand??? The one we went to was near the North Point tram terminus...

  3. Its address is officially 492 King's Road but it's slightly off King's Road. The front of its stall is plastered with lots of photos of the owner with celebrities and there's almost always a queue for its egg waffles (the gai daan jai are especially good!). :)