Sunday, 21 April 2013

Public Service Announcement: Wash Your Hands!

The Centre for Health Protection shows how to wash your hands (and wrists too!)
We're seeing lots of government billboards and advertising promoting hand washing with the threat of H7N9 coming to Hong Kong.

And with the upcoming May holiday for mainlanders, there are fears there may be some visiting the city who could be infected and possibly transmit the virus to the main population.

The Hong Kong government is stepping up measures, carefully scrutinizing people's temperatures at all border checkpoints and the airport.

But also greater awareness here would help too.

I notice a number of people in the office and in public washrooms like shopping malls, who do not wash their hands with soap! How hard is it to wash your hands with soap considering you're already rinsing your hands with water!

There are now 101 confirmed cases of H7N9 and 20 deaths, all in China. Many of them are located in eastern China, and in general the cases and fatalities are people over 60; children who were infected are managing to battle the virus successfully.

What's also intriguing is that half of the cases had no contact with poultry, so how did they get infected?

In the meantime we can only be vigilant and wash our hands. My only gripe about these advertisements is that they do not explicitly spell out when people should wash their hands.

Even better would be for all public toilets to have signs reminding people to wash their hands with soap!

The best way to get them is to shame them...


  1. In recent weeks, have come across empty or not working soap dispensers in public toilets... I wonder if, in the case of the former, many more people are using soap recently than previously!

  2. Interesting observation! I certainly hope like you it's because people are washing with soap!