Friday, 26 April 2013

Pictures of the Day: View From the Asia Society Hong Kong Center

The view at dusk catching the last of the sunset
Just after 8pm while the nightly laser light show is on
The other day when I went to the Asia Society to listen to a talk by Micheal Meyer, I took the liberty of taking some pictures at dusk and then at night. The Asia Society building is located above Pacific Place in the former Explosives Magazine Compound that was built by the British army in the mid-19th century to prepare and store explosives.

Above from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall, there's the Joseph Lau Roof Garden where visitors can take in the view of the city amongst the greenery which is rare in the city unless you go all the way up to the Peak.

The only pity is that only visitors who have tickets to events at the Asia Society can enter this area making it very restricted. We hope the society will consider opening the area up to the general public so that not only can they learn more about and appreciate the heritage restoration of this building, but also get a chance to see the neat view.

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