Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shenzhen Observations

A long row of tall  office buildings along Shennan Boulevard
I just got back from Shenzhen after spending under 24 hours there. This is the second time I've gone in two months and have to say I'm impressed by how the city centre has developed into a sophisticated area with a massive convention centre to hold fairs and is surrounded by five-star hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons opening soon.

However, city planning is much like any other large Chinese city -- huge multi-lane roads that are lined with skyscrapers, making it near impossible to cross the street thanks to the scarcity of pedestrian flyovers.

Can see the small guy above the diamond mowing the lawn?
We had to feel for the poor guy this morning who had to mow the lawn with with a hand-pushed lawnmower covering a large patch of grass in the middle of the giant road, while others had to prune the geometric-shaped bushes. One wonders if they played straws or head or tails to see who had to mow the grass.

Does this pair of lions look familiar to you?
There are a few other observations that are Hong Kong related, such as the China Merchants Bank near my hotel. Curiously the bank's entrance had a pair of western lions that seem to look very similar to the bronze ones in front of the HSBC headquarters in Central, but much, much bigger.

And then there's this sign albeit in green, but has a striking resemblance to Hong Kong's MTR sign, except for the extra line down the middle?

China's metro didn't have a logo before...
But I have to say traveling to Shenzhen via Lok Ma Chau is quite fast, efficient and the building is very modern and barring a few awkward directions for people to go, it works. Going through the Chinese passport control section took less than 10 minutes yesterday and mere minutes today. Or maybe because it's just before the three-day May holiday?

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