Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Just in Time for Tung Po

Razor clams stir-fried with black bean sauce, chilli and peppers
Yesterday after work, YTSL and I went to Tung Po in the second floor of the North Point wet market to have dinner.

Tung Po is a well-known dai pai dong and we got there just in time to snag the last small table before the owner started taking down names on the wait list, as the place doesn't take reservations for small groups.

Practically all the tables are occupied so we were lucky!
The last time I was there was for YTSL's birthday where many of us shared a lot of dishes, most notably the razor clams with black bean sauce and vermicelli, "wind sand" chicken, pork knuckle. We also ordered clay pot rice from the restaurant next door and drank lots and lots of Asahi beer in blue ceramic bowls.

Now that it was just the two of us we were limited in what we could try but decided to focus on seafood. Again the razor clams were first on our list, and we had three for HK$138, cooked with black bean sauce and chilli, with onion and peppers.

The clams were very fresh, the meat succulent and slightly spicy.

Chopped fish head cooked with eggplant came sizzling hot
We also ordered fish head stewed with eggplant. It arrived sizzling hot in a clay pot. The fish head didn't arrive in one piece and instead was all chopped up and deep-fried before it was stewed in the pot. In a way it made the fish head easier to eat and the eggplant was delicious, though probably thoroughly soaked in oil...

Another fun dish was the deep-fried shrimp balls that were slightly crunchy on the outside, and meaty inside.

All this sinfully goodness was accompanied with a bowl of rice each and a big bottle of Asahi beer... the "beer girls" were trying to promote Harbin beer which I don't think I've tried before, but YTSL prefers Asahi.

Speaking of beer, last week I went with another friend to Little Chilli, a Sichuan place that is mostly filled with mainlanders. We ordered Tsing Tao beer, but I should have looked around the walls and saw the promotion for Yanjing beer for HK$12 a large bottle! I like Yanjing for its clean, crisp refreshing taste. Next time...

Deep-fried shrimp balls go well with beer!
In the end the meal at Tung Po was HK$415 for two and our stomachs and taste buds were satiated!

Tung Po
2/F, Java Road Municipal Services Building
99 Java Road
North Point
2880 5224

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  1. That was a really delicious dinner last night. We should go back again soon -- and maybe bring more people so we can order more dishes! ;b