Saturday, 22 June 2013

Picture of the Day: Brother and Sister

An older brother crossing with his younger sister hand-in-hand
Whenever I see small kids, usually their parents or domestic helper are holding them by the hand.

And typically siblings either chat up a storm, are having rowdy fun, or teasing each other which results in fighting.

But this afternoon on the bus home I saw an older brother take his younger sister by the hand and get onto the bus. They were completely on their own, no adult in sight.

They bounded up to the top floor of the bus so I didn't see them interact most of the ride, but later they came down early for the next stop. While they waited by the back door, he made sure his younger sister held onto the railing usually reserved for wheelchair users.

At one point she leaned her head onto his chest and he caressed her head.

I followed them out the door and again they were holding hands as they walked across the street.

My parents used to talk about when they were young how they and their siblings looked out for each other -- and what I saw today is what I imagine it must have been like.

When we were kids, my brother and I used to fight "like cats and dogs" as my mom likes to describe it. Never in a million years would we have held hands crossing the street on our own like that...

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  1. glad to see confucian teaching at work. when both parents are not around big brother is head of the family. i bet both parents are at work. blessed this little BIG brother.