Thursday, 6 June 2013

Secret Message

A screen shot of the message when read vertically
Despite the torrential rain on June 4, tens of thousands of people still stood in it to commemorate the victims of the Tiananmen crackdown. I have to admit I left after a while, but lots of people refused to leave Victoria Park.

It just demonstrates how Hong Kong people are determined to show to Beijing that they will stand up for causes they passionately believe in and this is one of the biggest ones.

An interesting brouhaha has emerged in the past day related to June 4 -- during a broadcast on Now Business Channel that night, one of the programs showed a multiple choice question on the screen with four answers listed below, one after the other that should have been read horizontally.

However, if they were read vertically, the words were 毋忘六四 or "never forget June 4".

As soon as producers realized what was going on, they immediately pulled the survey off the air and now the TV station says those who participated in the wordplay will be punished.

The reason for the harsh punishment is that Now TV is trying to get a free-to-air TV license.

But we beg to differ. In fact we think Apple Daily should hire these clever writers to plant more clever messages in the media. Not only will circulation rise even higher as readers try to find these secret missives, but also it'll be Hong Kong's version of soft power.

How about it, Jimmy Lai?

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  1. in feudal times we called this 'wen tzi yu' =word jail =literally for media censor. cant imagine it is happening in the progressive city of hong kong.