Sunday, 23 June 2013

Snowden Leaves Hong Kong

Edward Snowden has checked out of Hong Kong and now heads to?
Intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has landed in Moscow and is probably onward to another destination -- Cuba? Venezuela?

We only heard about it a few hours ago that he had boarded an Aeroflot flight, thus ending his dramatic stay in Hong Kong.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying must be so relieved at not having to deal with this political hot potato, as the day before the United States had filed for Snowden's extradition and it could have resulted in a long, drawn-out affair.

What's interesting is that the Hong Kong government told the US that documents from Washington did not "fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law" and therefore requested more information.

This seems a bit strange because Hong Kong usually complies with the US and University of Hong Kong law professor Simon Young says local laws have a very low threshold before a provisional warrant can be in place.

"The US government will wonder why the Hong Kong government feels the surrender paperwork needs to be fully in place before the provisional warrant can be obtained," he was quoted as saying.

So we wonder if Beijing had a hand in giving Hong Kong the green light to do whatever it could to get Snowden out of the territory...

It's too bad all the excitement over Snowden is now over, because late last night I read a New York Times article that said he was lying low in a flat in Western district which is where I live!

And then there was a Greenpeace boat anchored near Kennedy Town which made me wonder perhaps he would be smuggled out of the city on the boat and headed to somewhere and become a complete recluse.

But now perhaps he'll be warmly welcomed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and given honourary citizenship like Gerard Depardieu?

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