Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Effects of Mainlanders Behaving Badly

"Ding Jinhao was here" has been taken off but it gives mainlanders a bad rep
The story of the teenage boy from Nanjing who was identified as the one who carved his name on a 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple has caused mainlanders to pause and wonder why they are such horrible tourists.

A fellow Chinese took a picture of the defaced temple and posted it online as an example of mainland tourists not behaving when abroad.

The boy, Ding Jinhao was quickly exposed and his school's website was even hacked into. While his parents apologized, they are not poor country bumpkins as they could afford to take their son to Egypt of all places.

"We have taken him sightseeing since he was little, and we often saw such graffiti. But we didn't realize we should have told him that this is wrong," the mother said.

When Xinhua published a picture showing the graffiti had been erased, some sharp-eyed internet users noticed the writing was above adult height, which means Ding must have had some kind of adult assistance.

Maybe the parents need to explain themselves again?

There's a shopping list of grievances against mainland Chinese tourists, including not queuing up, talking loudly, wasting food and spitting.

May we also add they carry tons of cash, making them prime targets for thieves?

What makes this worse is Chinese from other places from Singapore, Hong Kong and North America are also presumed to be from China and are also victims of robbers.

And now the latest news is that six students studying oenology in the wine-producing region of France were attacked by three drunk men shouting racist insults at them. One female student was seriously hurt in the face by a glass bottle thrown at her.

It is believed the police went to see the three men about the noise they were making, and after the authorities left, the trio went to where the students were living, assuming it was them complaining about the din.

While some mainlanders online are suggesting people avoid traveling to France, others are of the opinion that only students of wealthy families or officials could afford to study there and so they should not get any sympathy.

In any event, this incident has happened on the eve of Vinexpo, one of the largest wine events in the world that is held every other year in Bordeaux, and alternately in Hong Kong. China is France's biggest market and with its economy slowing down significantly, France cannot afford to have bad press now.

As long as no one calls for the boycott of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes, then France's economy will still keep going...

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