Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flesh Dance

Showing off lots of leg in this chair dance complete with corset and tutu
We just came back from an interesting event at Prive, a nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong. A local school wanted to showcase that although it teaches typical fitness classes like yoga and pilates, it also has classes in aerial arts like trapeze and hoop, pole dancing and lap dancing.

Walking in late, we saw several women learning to chair dance in a lesson on the dance floor. It was fascinating to see these Chinese women, some locals, others from overseas wearing corsets, tank tops, hot pants and high heels as they shimmied, spanked their butts, kicked their legs in the air and threw their heads back.

Many tried to imitate the instructor the best they could, others seemed proud to be able to show off their bodies in lingerie complete with garter belts. The bartenders in the club couldn't believe their luck this evening, seeing so much skin.

It turns out pole dancing is one of the more popular classes at the school and one of the pole dancing instructors explained it was because the women were doing it in a safe environment and enjoyed busting loose.

Following the instructor as they go through the moves
She said many had office jobs where they had to be conservative, but the class was an outlet to express themselves, not only in their dance moves, but their costumes as well. The instructor also said the students would even discuss outfits and how they were going to make them, and so there was the added component of craft-making.

We wondered if it was about women losing their inhibitions and becoming more comfortable with being sexy, which the instructor said could be another possibility. We asked if many of the students did this for their boyfriends, and she agreed, saying some ask to learn special moves for their boyfriend's birthday, but she also added some "wouldn't give a s*** what their boyfriend thought!"

It just very interesting to see how pole dancing, and chair and lap dancing have become so popular in what one would think on the surface was quite a conservative, straight-laced city for the most part.

But it is also a positive indication that people are interested in finding outlets for their creative energies, from making leather crafts to singing karaoke to pole dancing. This is a good thing because the last thing Hong Kong needs is more stressed out people!

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