Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shameless Self Promoter

Getting some boob action during a group dinner and getting paid for it too
We cannot help but be simultaneously amused and disgusted in reading that a Jianxi businessman paid 100,000 yuan ($16,443) to be breastfed by actress and model Mo Lulu.

The monetary proposal was made during a group dinner and she actually accepted, hence the pictures of a man's head under her black top.

Mo is no stranger to controversy. In September, there were pictures online showing men eating mooncakes off her nude body, and then last Friday she posed next to luxury cars at the Jiujiang Auto Show scantily clad in lingerie. Then she lay on the stage and allowed people to place fruits on her body.

The woman really knows how to get attention. And by the way the boobs look enhanced, while her body needs some workouts. She isn't that attractive so why are men going all gaga over her?

Needless to say comments online were scathing, ranging from "Your mother is young, just like your daughter" to "Doesn't this count as prostitution in public? What is the police department doing?"

Back to my old saying - T-I-C: This is China. Anything goes. ANYTHING.


  1. in general, chinese men only care about breasts..why do you think enhancement is so popular in Asia

    1. Hi PK-CCP-PK

      Let me get this straight -- So Chinese men aren't looking for love, but only care about the size of a woman's boobs?