Thursday, 10 October 2013

"New Hong Kongers"

Actress Tang Wei gained Hong Kong residency in 2009
The motherland has decided that Hong Kong needs more mainland migrants to further develop the city, according to the People's Daily.

Yesterday's commentary was 1,600 words long and described the migrants as "new Hong Kongers", with a photo of actress Tang Wei who obtained Hong Kong residency in 2009 from the quality migrant scheme.

Can we interject as Tang got residency because she could work on the mainland after she was lambasted for her traitorous character in Lust, Caution? And can we remind China that it's just a movie based on a short story?

Perhaps a photo of pianist Lang Lang or Li Yundi would have been better examples...

Then the article claims, "Most of [the new migrants] earn their own living rather than relying on social security. Some of them are absorbed to become the city's new elites.

"But while mainlanders today are no longer seen as 'Ah Chaan' [a derogatory nickname for their shabby looks], they become feared 'locusts'," the commentary added.

"Time and wisdom are needed to understand and reconcile the differences," adding that Hong Kong people had "a sense of anxiety" with Shanghai's rise as a financial centre.

This is completely ridiculous because while Shanghai has the hardware with gleaming skyscrapers, its banking system has yet to become transparent and the yuan fully convertible. Until that happens, Hong Kong isn't quaking in its boots yet.

The article concludes with Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor saying mainland migrants were an important source of Hong Kong's population growth. Did she really say that or are her words being spun here?

According to Hong Kong University economics professor Richard Wong Yue-chim, an overwhelming number come here for family reunions, and so those "who marry spouses across the border tend to be less educated and less skilled... the quality of the population has gone down since the 1990s".

In any event you can probably tell we are not impressed by the propagandist commentary.

Hong Kong has always been a city of migrants -- in particular a place of refuge from the Communists -- so are these mainland migrants fleeing China too?


  1. personally, I would change the word Chinese migrants to parasites (locusts too gentle a word), just visit the New Terriorities towns nearby the border like Sheung Shui, Tin Shui Wai, etc. Most of the "migrants" just lounge around all day and gamble, probably relying on CSSA or NGOs for survival, plus their children gets free education AND both gets free (heavily subsidized) gov't care.

    Most of the CCP side effects (like queue gangs) and cross parallel border traders are here in Hong Kong.

    I would lower the limits of mainland migrants to 150/month and lengthen the time to 15 years before obtaining residency. let them reunite on the other side of Lo Wu.

    1. Hi nulle

      So what will fanning the flames of hatred against mainlanders accomplish?

      They are living in Hong Kong legally until the law is changed... and for many, depending on their child for their welfare isn't much of a perk.