Saturday, 28 February 2015

Picture of the Day: Major Ground Work

The entrance to the Main Wing are blocked off and abandoned...
Last Sunday I walked along Lower Albert Road and I was shocked to see the Central Government Officers... being redeveloped.

While the main structures like the West and East wings are still in tact for now, the ground they are standing on is being redeveloped. After the offices here were abandoned after civil servants moved into the spanking new government offices at Tamar in 2010, the office buildings below Government House are empty and sad-looking.

The Main Wing looks particularly sad, where the media used to cover senior government leaders coming in and leaving this complex on a daily basis, and now it's cordoned off, though the Communist Party insignia is still there...

What's going on here on the West Wing property?
Apparently the site is being fixed up for the Justice Department to move into the Central and East wings.

The government had planned to knock down the West Wing (and build yet another shopping mall) but local activists protested this. They argued that taxpayer dollars were used to buy and develop this land, so the government cannot do whatever it wants, and architecturally these buildings have heritage value, so there was talk of preserving them.

Where are we at now with these buildings? Perhaps they can be developed like PMQ, though how the building will be used is another issue. The business model at PMQ isn't quite working, though everyone likes the cool open spaces here.

In the meantime, we will try to scrutinize this property -- our property -- more often to see what's going on...

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