Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pictures of the Day: Politics at the Fair

A parody on police banners used during the protests
Tonight after a big hotpot dinner, YTSL and I decided to walk it off by going to Victoria Park again.

Victoria Park was packed with people tonight
She'd seen some people posting pictures of new things she didn't see the first time around on Saturday afternoon and wanted to check them out in person. I had missed a few things myself so we headed over there.

However, after we got out of the MTR station at Causeway Bay, the sidewalks were packed with people and it took us a while to get to Victoria Park. And once we entered the first lane on the far left, we were stuck in there inching along.

It was mostly the political parties that caught our eye. The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions unfurled a red banner similar to those the Hong Kong Police did during the protests that read: "Keep Charging or No Discount", while the Civic Party had a picture of Lion Rock and the words "I want true universal suffrage" above.

Xi Jinping holding a yellow umbrella...
Below on the ground was a cardboard cutout of an orange garbage can where people could pose for pictures to be like Lau Kong-wah, the undersecretary for constitutional and mainland affairs who was lampooned for being silent during the debate between the student protest leaders and government officials.

They also had a cardboard cutout of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was mechanically holding up his right hand with a yellow umbrella and around his neck wearing D7689, in a satirical reference to Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

At the booth for the League of Social Democrats, Leung Kwok-hung who doesn't have long hair anymore, was selling all kinds of protest items like T-shirts, and above him was a caricature of CY being put into what looked like a spittoon by a yellow umbrella.

Leung Chun-ying told to step down (into a spittoon!)
A lot of people took pictures or had a good laugh looking at the caricatures, but did many people buy anything related to the Umbrella Movement? We only saw some people buy some yellow umbrella stickers, but other than that, it sadly seems the momentum of that moment in time has evaporated -- or is it because they feel none of these political parties represent them?


  1. Hi there --

    For my part: I'm in two minds about buying Umbrella Movement related items. It's partly related to my having gotten used to being given Umbrella Movement related items rather than having to pay for them. Also, I won't just buy -- or even accept -- anything. Rather, there are some items -- and messages -- that appeal to me and others that don't. As an example: I think that the messages on t-shirts and such at the Civic Passion stall were too radical for my liking.

    1. HI YTSL -- these political parties were not around when the protest happened... they slunk in a corner and didn't know what to do and now they need to raise money so they are trying to capitalize on the movement... but maybe the young kids know better!

  2. ladies, you need to support these guys anyway possible, you can even donate directly...the problem is the pro-estatablishment is funded by Beijing and/or Western (POS Liasion Office)

    If you don't want any more journalists turned into human patte or roasted in gasoline, I highly request you get over the hesitance and get going unless you like the direction where HK is going for the rest of your natural lives...

    1. HI nulle -- so you're saying you support these pan democrats when they were no where to be seen during the protests? And your statement about the pro-establishment being funded by Beijing... where is your evidence for that?

      This blog has nothing to do with my work -- all opinions expressed are my own.

      If you want to express your own opinions go start your own blog.