Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Traditions Continue

A plum blossom tree at Citibank Tower in Central
I just came back from my relatives' place for the New Year Eve dinner. We had hot pot and there was way too much food to eat. Practically all of the ingredients were choice ones, particularly the mushrooms and vegetables, and loved the Chiu Chow fish balls that were succulent and tasty.

We were continuing the tradition of the matriarch of the family who passed away a few months ago; she always made sure we had tong yuan or sweet dumplings on New Year's Eve, but we were so full, that I passed the time by helping them get ready for the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram.

Dessert of tong yuan ready to be eaten
There's been hot debate about which animal it should be, as in Chinese 羊 can mean all three. However, a leading Chinese linguist in Hong Kong says it should be goat, since it was a highly prized animal... I digress...

In the hours following dinner we cleaned the dining chairs and replaced the cushions, prepared the candy tray, and arranged flower in a vase that has been used for years at this time.

We also put up her picture on the wall, a new one with her together with her husband so we could remember them on a daily basis.

Then finally after 11pm we cooked some sweet dumplings (mine filled with peanut paste) before I went home.

It was nice to see my relatives wanting to continue traditions they had grown up with, though the grandson added a few subversive New Year couplets featuring a caricature Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying with the words telling him to step down.

Check out the design inside the crest
He also bought two cushions from the Lunar New Year Flower Market at Victoria Park that featured the design of the Hong Kong passport, and in the crest there was a yellow umbrella and a yellow ribbon and the water bottle that looks like a tear gas canister that says "Made in Admiralty"...

Let's see what the Year of the Goat brings...

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