Friday, 6 March 2015

Easy Target

A customer getting someone "beaten" by a devil beater in Causeway Bay
Yesterday was considered the best day of the year to "beat away devils" under Canal Street bridge.

Usually there are middle aged to elderly women sitting on short stools using a shoe to beat a piece of paper with a person's name on it -- a demanding boss, noisy neighbour, annoying colleague or even a politician. They light incense sticks and burn bits of paper.

Today is the Feast of Excited Insects called Ching Che, and is also known as White Tiger Festival, marking the end of winter and beginning of spring, when hibernating animals and insects return.

And so it is considered around this time is the best period in which to "beat away" one's enemies with a shoe to ward of evil spirits and bad luck.

The devil beaters charge HK$50 for their service, and yesterday there were some 200 people in line, which meant they waited over an hour to have their nemesis taken care of.

And who was public enemy number one?

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying!

A popular request was to have CY Leung "beaten"!
One devil beater's assistant reported about 10 people every hour wanted him "beaten".

"I think he's just the person everybody hates," said the man surnamed Wong. "People want to beat him away."

Or is this another of the Umbrella Movement's tactics to get rid of Leung?

Perhaps every little bit helps...

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