Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Picture of the Day: Truffle Soup

This menu item caught our eye -- a soup with black truffles in it!
Greetings from Xiamen, a third-tier Chinese city in Fujian province that is geographically closest to Taiwan.

This evening we had a delicious dinner at a local restaurant called Lucky Seafood that serves all kinds of Chinese food -- Cantonese (including dim sum in the evenings), Shanghainese, Sichuanese and Fujianese.

What caught our eye was this intriguing soup -- stewed black truffle with fresh bamboo fungus in a soup.

Black truffle isn't meant to be cooked but shaved raw. Seems like a waste putting black truffle in a soup, but China does produce black truffles though the quality is questionable.

Nevertheless, if there's someone you need to impress then perhaps that's a must-order dish...


  1. Hi Bee, what is the fuzzy net thing on top of the truffles? Looks like a melon with extra fur?

    1. Hi Tina! Looks like it's bamboo fungus which is really good for detox...!