Thursday, 12 March 2015

Picture of the Day: Library Vending Machine

Interested in taking out a book from this hi-tech library?
Today we headed out to one of Xiamen's most famous spots, Gulangyu, which is best known for having a piano academy and museum on the island.

It is also a tourist destination for domestic tourists who devour the snacks on sale, from jack fruit to pineapple cake.

Locals take their wedding pictures here because of the European-style architecture from the 1800s that evoke a romantic atmosphere.

But we were really surprised to see how progressive Xiamen is with this 24-hour self-serve library near one of the three ferry piers on Gulangyu.

Users insert their ID card, pick the book they want, and like a vending machine, press the number for whichever book they want, and then it comes out of a slot.

When users return the book, they again insert their ID card and then scan the book's barcode on a scanner there before putting it into a slot.

We think perhaps this idea came from Taiwan, which may have originated from Japan.

In any case this is something you would never find in Hong Kong! But if these library vending machines were in the city, would they encourage Hong Kong people to read more?

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