Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Drenched Weekend

The overcast and rainy skies looking towards Kowloon this morning
Where has all this rain come from?

On Wednesday Hong Kong was covered in rain, so much so that by the time we left the office around 6pm, amber rainstorm warning quickly graduated to red.

A friend and I met for dinner, and luckily the restaurant we chose was relatively close to the MTR station in Tsim Sha Tsui East so we were pretty dry. Though once we sat down, a Japanese guy at another table was doused in beer on his backside thanks to the clumsiness of the waitress.

What can you do when the restaurant is quite new? He braved the chills with some Japanese whisky on ice.

By the time we finished dinner, there was another massive downpour, but after we waited a few minutes, the density of the rain decreased to a manageable degree and again we quickly made our way back to the MTR station and then home.

And then today was another wet dramatic experience. I went to the gym in Central when it wasn't raining hard, but after I came out just after 4pm the Hong Kong Observatory has just announced the red rainstorm warning and I was caught in a massive downpour.

I only walked a relatively short distance from Cheung Kong Park to the MTR station, and the paths and roads were completely flooded.

It made me wonder if the Highways Department and in the case of the park, the Buildings Department had done enough in terms of clearing storm drains to prepare for the wet onslaught.

In the park there aren't any drains that I could see and was walking through several inches of water. Ironically the manmade waterfalls were still operating, creating even more water volume.

Crossing the road at Queen's Road Central was hazardous and flooded, while the area next to Prince's Building and the MTR station was also covered in water.

It's days like these that you wish you invested in a pair of rubber boots, but in this case Crocs would have to do.

It's past midnight and it's finally calm, no rain. The forecast for tomorrow is for more heavy rain, but we hope today was the last of it -- for now.


  1. It's not raining now as I write this -- but, if anything, the air feels even damper now! :O

    Pity the poor tourists to Hong Kong who want to do more than shop and/or visit museums. I hope I never ever have a rainy week like this when on vacation in a foreign land!

  2. Lovely how rainless -- sunny even! -- most of Monday turned out to be. Of course those having to work that day couldn't enjoy... ;(