Thursday, 14 May 2015

No More Spooky Subways

Some colourful zombies wandering around on campus for Halloween
If you're ever in Beijing, please don't wear ghoulish costumes that may freak people out in the subway.

That's according to new rules where the Chinese capital has issued guidelines on wearing "bizarre dress" and "horror makeup" inside the train network.

While the new rules didn't explicitly impose a ban, it didn't specify a punishment for violations, nor did it explain why these new rules were coming out now.

No more scaring passengers on subway trains
"Some costumes will cause panic, thus posing a threat to security [within the station]. So we discourage people from wearing them even though they are not banned," said Liang Jianwei, deputy head of Beijing's transport police.

Last year Beijing temporarily banned costumes on trains ahead of Halloween, which is becoming increasingly popular with young people.

However other Chinese cities have had problems with Halloween costumes, like a 31-year-old man who looked like a zombie and created chaos in Shanghai's subway station, running around with a scarred face and "attacking" terrified passengers.

Meanwhile a three-year-old Shanghainese girl was terrified when she encountered four people dressed up as nurses with what looked like bloodstained faces on a subway train.

While Halloween is a relatively new concept for mainlanders, they will have to understand that dressing up like this is only for one night out of the year, while those keen to scare others should save the frights for their friends and like minded party goers, not on public transport...


  1. typical overreaction of and for small potatoes...

    there are bigger things in the world to worry about: like press freedom and freedom of speech in HK AND Chinese occupating/squatting of the Spratly Islands, especially when China gave up all rights when they signed the UN Convention...

    typical PRC behavior to their signed treaties...not worth the paper being signed....

    1. HI nulle -- overreaction is their specialty, no?

  2. "....Chinese occupating/squatting of the Spratly Islands, especially when China gave up all rights..." ?
    1. PULEEZE. Don't air your ignorance so publicly! Japs gave up "all rights" at Potsdam & Cairo Agreements.
    2. 'Nuff said...

  3. 'bye the way, what exactly is "occupating"...?