Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Blue Team out in Force

Robert Chow Yung has another signatory campaign up his sleeve
The Hong Kong government isn't having much luck trying to sell its electoral reform package so now it seems the Alliance for Peace and Democracy -- the pro-Beijing group led by Robert Chow Yung -- will be trying to garner support through a signature campaign starting this Saturday.

From May 9-17, the group's 1,000 member organizations will set up booths around the city to gather signatures from Hong Kong people aged 18 and above.

However, the group doesn't have much credibility, as its last campaign in October claimed to collect 1.83 million signatures, but didn't check signatories for their ID cards, and as a result many members of the media reported being able to put down fake names and in multiple locations.

Nevertheless, Chow believes people will only sign the petition once, which is naive thinking on his part.

The group believes that by getting a lot of signatures from the public, that will pressure the pan-democrats to change their votes and support the government's electoral reform package.

Seems like wishful thinking for the Beijing-loyalist group, as none of the pan-democrats want to be seen as a traitor to the true universal suffrage cause.

This latest exercise is yet another distraction in the fight for democracy in Hong Kong. One colleague I talked to yesterday felt the government has been untruthful the whole time.

"They said they wanted to discuss it with us -- but once their package comes out, they adamantly say there is no chance for discussion," my coworker said.

I mentioned how the government campaign to sell it to the public has backfired in its face, and now they are soliciting feedback, but then weren't the protests last year sending a signal that a good percentage of people are not happy with what was being planned in terms of how the next chief executive would be elected?

In the meantime for Chow's group to mount yet another signature campaign shows it has a lot of resources coming from somewhere... This indirect way of trying to push the electoral reform package through doesn't address the issues that really need to be tackled and creates even deeper divisions in the community...

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