Friday, 29 May 2015

Taking a Free Ride

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce celebrates its birthday
Today marks the 154th anniversary of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. And to celebrate every May 29, it sponsors all rides on trams and the Star Ferry.

They expect some 300,000 people to take advantage of it and I managed to do that.

Many riders had no idea today was "HKGCC Free Ride Day" and were shocked to see the fare collection box and Octopus card reader both covered with cloth bags.

Free rides on trams and Star Ferries today
"We don't have to pay today?" they asked incredulously as they got off the tram. Obviously the HKGCC isn't doing enough promotion of this free ride day, even though a few trams have the chamber's Lego-like design plastered on the outside of the trams, and was covered in the media today.

Chamber chairman YK Pang gave a statement at a press conference this morning:

"For the past 154 years, the Chamber has gone through various ups and downs with members and the community, and we have all worked hard to build a prosperous future for Hong Kong," he said. "Our birthday wish this year is for all business sectors to thrive and for everyone to have a happy and prosperous year."

Then he added a subtle political hint.

"We also hope that society can come together to make sure constitutional development moves ahead."

Should the chamber be making such comments?

Or should we just ignore it and appreciate the free (non air conditioned) ride, even though it was bloody hot today at 33 degrees?

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