Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Company Holiday China Style

Li Jinyuan has made a name for himself treating over 6,000 staff to France
A few days ago a Chinese billionaire and half his workforce of 6,400 people went on a massive incentive trip with him to France.

Talk about a logistical challenge in booking flights, hotels and coaches for several thousand people to tour around Paris and Nice.

Li Jinyuan, founder and chairman of Tiens Group got a lot of attention from local and overseas media for not only treating so many employees at once to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, but also making them spell out "Tiens' dream is nice in the Cote d'Azur" for the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest human-made phrase.

Spelling out a message using 6,400 people to make letters
Some critics claimed Li was just getting attention for himself, showing off his wealth, and using the trip to push his employees to work harder. Isn't that what incentive trips are about?

Tiens Group makes its money in direct selling, moving 11.5 billion yuan last year in health care, skincare, and household products in China and other countries.

It was estimated the massive group spent HK$113 million on the four-day trip to Paris and Nice. Some employees showed off their purchases -- around 13 million euros -- that included lots of luxury name brand goods.

Li claimed his staff were well behaved on their free holiday, helping to improve the image of mainland tourists abroad. He must have given them a lecture about this before they went on the trip.

And how did Li amass his riches to be ranked 24th on the Hurun China rich list with a personal fortune of 35 billion yuan?

Staff seemed to enjoy their free trip and the shopping too
He left school at an early age and began working in an oil field at 14 years of age. He made money by selling clothing, audio recorders and grain during his free time.

Then Li moved to property, but got out after the government started implementing tightening measures, and so he started manufacturing his own calcium supplement and selling them.

His company is ranked 7th in direct sales in terms of sales on the mainland, following such competitors as Amway of the United States, Malaysia's Perfect China, and Infinitus of Hong Kong.

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  1. Yeah this news got viral a few months back. I was so impressed that he took his 6,000 employees on holiday trip to France. It was one of the best company holiday party ideas I have ever seen!