Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Concert For Her Fans

Denise Ho is planing to go ahead with the concert that Lancome had cancelled
Lancome may have scrapped a mini concert for Denise Ho Wan-see this weekend, but the singer-songwriter is determined the show must go on.

She will perform pretty much the same time and same place for not only ticket holders, but anyone who wants to support her.

It will be held in the hipster PoHo area in Sheung Wan
It will be held on Sunday starting at 3.30pm in the hipster PoHo area, or Po Hing Fong and Tai Ping Shan streets, while a five-hour program called "The Beauty of WE" begins at noon.

On her Facebook page, Ho said that she, as well as cafes and stores in PoHo, invited "all daring people who share their belief to respond to suppression and fear with music, culture, individuality and firmness".

Stores featuring leather, pottery and floral workshops would be held on that day, and offering discounts too.

Ho said the program would be "free from politics, slogans, banners, placards, organizations... and big conglomerates".

The original poster with the event sponsored by Lancome
It's interesting Ho is still doing the show, because she probably won't be making any money out of it, though she will be helping to generate business in the area.

However, in terms of public relations, it's a bonus for Ho because she's giving the incident some closure, which her fans, and outraged Hong Kong citizens can participate in and finish on a high note (so to speak).


  1. Good on Denise Ho for this. I think this is an entertainer/woman with her heart in the right place. And I expect to see her on the streets again on July 1st!

    1. She has accepted she won't be making gobs of money after being shut out of the mainland, and when I talked to her last year, she felt that the switch in career direction actually made her feel more true to herself.