Sunday, 12 June 2016

Creative Gambling in Macau

Baccarat seems to be the game of choice for Chinese gamblers in Macau
Macau casinos are hurting badly these days as the rich -- or those who think they're lucky -- aren't heading to the former Portuguese enclave these days. Gambling revenues are down 36 percent from last year because of Bejiing's anti-corruption campaign.

However, they are still gambling.

There are reports that they now have a proxy gambler who is in Macau goes to the VIP baccarat tables.

The hired person will look like he is talking to himself, but really he's giving the play-by-play account of what's going on into an earpiece that's surreptitiously hidden behind some hair.

High rollers prefer making bets in VIP rooms
Perhaps baccarat is the game of choice because it's pretty straight forward -- the player has to decide if his hand or or the dealer's is closer to nine.

Some gamblers have two people working the tables, one actually playing, and the other discussing the play loud enough to be heard by the wireless headsets.

This is supposed to be illegal, as phone betting in Macau casinos has been banned, but with the gambling coffers down in the dumps, any kind of business is better than none at all, right?

The authorities claim they are cracking down, but with so many casinos and gambling tables to police, it's probably like picking a needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to hear there is some gambling going on, though the hotel rooms, restaurants and shops remain empty...

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