Saturday, 25 June 2016

Up The Peak for Sunset

Managed to capture the sunset from The Peak looking over Kennedy Town
Last night I saw an acquaintance's stunning picture of Hong Kong at dusk from The Peak on Instagram which inspired me to get up there too.

I didn't plan it out too well, but managed to get on the No. 13 Kotewall bus at 6.20pm in Central and made it up to the start of the Morning Trail on Kotewall Road at around 6.40pm.

It was still light at that time, but I knew sunset would happen soon. Most people were walking down The Peak, only me and two other women were walking up and I walked past them.

Hong Kong at dusk on the Morning Trail
The Morning Trail is a good workout, though the signage is quite amusing because it is posted every 100 metres.

Soon it started to get dark, and the trees illuminated by a bright orange glow from the sun.

Luckily there was a clearing at one point on the west side looking down on Kennedy Town and some local amateur photographers were taking pictures of the sunset and I joined in. A gweilo stood off to the side, trying to have his own private nature moment, while others chatted around him in Cantonese.

After several pictures, I continued on my way, and when there was a fork in the road where the path is flat, I made a sharp left turn to walk towards what YTSL calls "the money shot", where all the photographers come take pictures of Hong Kong in the evening.

Watching the sun go down on a clear (and hot!) day
Because the path was flat, I picked up the pace and soon got to one of the few photo sites, and as I kept going, there were more and more people, many speaking Putonghua.

I finally reached the Peak Galleria in 4.5km, and together with 5.5km running in the gym, it was a pretty good workout today.

I quickly wandered through the Peak Galleria, which is slated to be renovated in phases soon. The shopping mall has an eclectic selection of shops, from SaSa and Coach, to a small space with lots of toy vending machines crammed in it, a Japanese dollar store, a supermarket and a shop selling smartphone accessories.

Many mainland tourists capturing the scene below
It was time to go and the wait for public transport was really long -- I had to wait for three minibuses before I could get on, though the line-up for the No. 15 bus wound around the block and a massive line for the Peak Tram. Taxis did a brisk trade.

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