Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Picture of the Day: Dal Richards

Dal Richards is a bright spot on an otherwise drab sidewalk
This afternoon I wandered around downtown Vancouver for a few hours and it was a gorgeous day, blue skies, 23 degrees. Vancouverites find the temperature hot, but for me coming from Hong Kong -- it was perfect summer conditions with a light breeze.

I walked down Alberni Street to meet a friend for dinner, and on the sidewalk where Hotel Vancouver is, I spotted this colourful mosaic of Dal Richards, the city's famous big band leader who died this past New Year's Eve. He was 97 years old.

He was a fixture at the hotel, ringing in every New Year's with big band tunes for nearly eight decades.

When he passed, I wrote a tribute to him, including the time when I interviewed him.

It was so wonderful to see this artistic remembrance to Richards and see that the city has definitely not forgotten him and his astonishing contribution to Vancouver's entertainment scene for some 80 years.

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