Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tip of the Day: Where to Sit on the Star Ferry

There really is air conditioning on the Star Ferry!
A funny anecdote from this evening: During the day it was about 33 degrees Celsius and very high humidity, so at dinner we were all complaining about how hot it was. One guy speculated this year's summer is going to be super hot.

This same guy, who has lived in Hong Kong for over two years, wished out loud that the Star Ferry had air conditioning, and I and another guy pointed out there was!

He and another young woman -- who has lived in the city most of her life -- did not know that on the upper deck, either the front or the back of the ferry has a section that is air conditioned.

"How do you get in? Is it full?" he asked.

Again we were flabbergasted to hear him say this, and pointed out there were no restrictions, you just had to walk right in!

We all burst out laughing.

The reason they didn't know was because whenever they took the Star Ferry, they always sat in the lower deck. I did that once, many years ago, and the fumes from the smoke were so bad, I vowed never to do that again.

Of all the things we talked about this evening, this was the most enlightening thing they'd learned in a while.

Twenty years from now they'll remember the day they learned there was air conditioning on the Star Ferry...

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