Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fact of the Day: Hong Kong Loves Clothes

Hong Kong people love to buy clothes, so many they don't wear them all
Greenpeace has found Hong Kong people spend HK$3.9 billion on clothes they never wear, or only once or twice.

The environmental advocacy group interviewed 2,000 people in Hong Kong and Taiwan on their spending habits.

On average Hong Kong people own 94 pieces of clothing, Taiwanese 74.

Many shoppers tend to purchase clothes at fast fashion shops
Of the 94 items, 15 of them, or 16 percent were either never worn or only once or twice.

The group then calculated that if each garment cost HK$100, the value of the underused clothing totaled HK$3.9 billion.

In addition, the survey found more than half the respondents in Hong Kong never thought of buying from second-hand shops, 64 percent of them not wanting to wear old clothes.

Many also didn't know about ecologically friendly products, such as clothes that are animal-friendly, handmade or produced following fair trade principles, nor did they know where to buy such items.

Another frightening statistic is how many clothes are thrown out each year -- 100,000 tonnes annually over the past decade. That amounts to the rate of 1,400 T-shirts per minute.

A 16-foot tall mountain of clothes equal to 7.5 tonnes
Meanwhile on Facebook there's an AJ+ video going around about a Japanese man in Tokyo who only had three shirts, four pants and four pairs of socks. We aren't told how many underwear he has...

He only has 150 items and is happy to keep it that way.

While some minimalists say they feel content having less, others say having less stuff reduces the chance of injury during earthquakes. 

I'm just trying to de-clutter! I don't think I'll ever get to whittle the number of my possessions down to 150, just less stuff would be a good goal...

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