Sunday, 21 January 2018

Another Year, Another 10K

At the starting line -- which is a five-minute walk ahead!
Hard to believe but another Standard Chartered Marathon has come and gone.

I was lucky to be picked in a lottery to run the 10K and I remember being on our Silk Road trip in September when I received the email. I excitedly managed to pay the HK$350 online with my credit card (via VPN) and just remembered the race would be in late January.

And then suddenly it was mid-January. Where did the time go?

Looking over Victoria Harbour there's a big fog at 6.30am
I went to bed around 10.30pm and thought I had slept somewhat soundly when I looked at my phone. Midnight.

Then I woke up again at 3am and the when my alarm sounded at 4.30am.

I made breakfast and was out the door by 5.30am to get to the first checkpoint by 6am for the 6.45am start. It was pretty dark, but whenever I am on the way to the race I am surprised to see so many people up so early in the morning -- who are not running.

This year the weather was warm and a bit humid. By the time I got closer to the checkpoint there wasn't much need to wear the plastic rain poncho to keep warm. And there were tons and tons of people. Some were late for the first heat at 6.15am!

As I hadn't trained much this past week as I was away in Guangzhou, I found this year's run to be quite a slog, wondering when I would pass the next kilometre, which isn't a good sign. I tried to keep a steady pace and at the same time dodge lots of people who were either walking or running slower.

There's several thousand people in each heat for the 10K
By the 6km mark, a mild cramp had set in and I walked for a bit before continuing on and having an energy jelly helped me get my energy back, but then again past the 8km mark I walked a bit more. Somehow I managed to convince myself to finish the race for good and kept going, even at the sharp turn towards the end that has a very steep hill. I just kept pushing on, remembering that I'd trained for the incline last week.

At the end I tried to run faster, but wondered if my legs would keep going or not. But I made it! 1:09:51.

Not my best time, but not my worst either. I was very happy to finish it.

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