Monday, 1 January 2018

Picture of the Day: Homemade Dumplings

Our homemade dumplings are ready to be boiled and eaten!
Every year when I come back for the holidays, I make a batch of dumplings. Last year we used leftover turkey as well as ground pork with excellent results and even had my cousins visiting from Australia helping me wrap them.

This year we bought some ground pork and used leftover cabbage and mushrooms in the mix. There was already enough pork that we didn't include turkey this time, but forgot to add shrimp we had in the fridge.

We ate most of these dumplings tonight
My brother is amazed that I don't really follow a recipe -- I just kind of eyeball it in terms of portions, and try to make sure there's a good amount of vegetables in them.

As with every year, my mom insisted on doing a test run of the dumplings and we boiled two to see how they tasted -- I usually just go for it and wrap them all and see how they turn out later!

But we were good to go with an extra sprinkling of salt and another dash of sesame oil.

We almost used up four packages of wrappers (which we'll use up tomorrow with turkey and shrimp!) and after we cooked the dumplings, they made for a delicious dinner.

The dumplings had a nice crunchy texture thanks to the cabbage, and there was a hint of ginger too.

We've got a tray of leftover dumplings that's in the freezer that'll be good for my parents to eat!

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  1. If you ever get a chance, check out "Oxhide II":-

    In view of your dumpling making proclivities, I think you'll love the film! :b