Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Rewarding Loyalty to the Party

Margaret Chan is rewarded for sticking up for China at the WHO
Hong Kong officials who have been seen to further Beijing's agenda, or defend it vigorously will be rewarded, as seen by the recent nominations of four officials to be new committee members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
Former World Health Organization chief Dr Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun, 70, is one of the bright stars for China. Since 2009, Taiwan has been allowed to attend the WHO's annual forum under the name of "Chinese Taipei", but in 2016, Chan didn't even invite Taiwan to the forum, saying it violated the "one China" principle recognized by the United Nations.
Also during the SARS crisis in 2003, Chan was seen as not being tough enough in dealing with the epidemic, and again not being fast in enough in reacting to contain the Ebola outbreaks in 2014.
Others recommended for membership in the CPPCC are Dr Ko Wing-man, previously Hong Kong's food and health minister, ex-security chief Lai Tung-kwok who had to deal with the Occupy protests in 2014, along with then police commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung.
"It is becoming a norm to reward former ministers [with CPPCC membership], especially those in charge of security," says political analyst Johnny Lau Yui-siu.
"One of the implications is to let incumbent and even future officials know their jobs are rewarding, and call for them to be loyal to Beijing," he says, and the Chinese government could claim that it is hearing more of Hong Kong people's views on closer integration with the mainland.
But really Beijing is only hearing one side of the story, and it's what pro-establishment figures anticipate what the central government would like to hear.
So in the end it's not a healthy sign of wanting sycophants around you, but that's Beijing with its insecurity issues. It's all about towing the Party line...

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