Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Picture of the Day: Incomprehensible Propaganda

What a strange propaganda message to put at the train station...
At the Guangzhou train station where the taxi queue is, the billboard is covered with propaganda.

This one made my mainland colleagues laugh because they didn't know how to translate it for me.

But the first line talks about how it is good to be able to take care of your basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing.

That's a far cry from the late Deng Xiaoping's motto of, "To get rich is glorious". President Xi Jinping is aiming to alleviate poverty by 2020 which is a very tight deadline. But he seems determined to make it happen.

The second line of this poster talks about China going to war and winning the battle with socialistic characteristics.


How the two lines are related we may never know...

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