Saturday, 20 January 2018

Picture of the Day: Vanity Bath

Do you really want to watch yourself taking a shower with the mirror in there?
These last few days I was in Guangzhou again and stayed at a decent three-star hotel in Yuexiu district, which was relatively near Ershadao, or Ersha Island where we needed to work.

Anyway at the last minute we tacked on an extra stay a day earlier in the hotel, but when we checked-in, they said we could stay in a suite the first night but then move to a smaller room the remaining days of our stay.

That was annoying, but admittedly it was a last-minute change to our reservation.

What a nice room! The suite had a living room, bedroom, large bathroom with a bathtub, and even a walk-in closet with a vanity table! And it's a three-star hotel.

However, it was quite amusing to see a mirror above the bathtub. So do the Chinese think people like to look at themselves in the mirror while they are showering? And isn't it hard to keep a mirror clean when it's in the shower?

But you never know -- the Chinese were probably the first to pioneer clear glass walls between the bathroom and bedroom, and now mirrors in the shower... What will they think of next?


  1. Booking a hotel room in Wan Chai and finding there was a glass wall between the bathroom/toilet and the bed certainly amused my wife and I. I'm just glad I didn't do that trip to Hong Kong with a friend instead!

    1. Hi Grant! Guess there wasn't a curtain or blinds...